My Omnilux Treatment Experience

Last week I visited Oxaalis Beauty, a very cute and cosy salon in Ellenbrook, to experience Omnilux for the first time. I went not knowing that much about it beyond that it was some sort of light therapy treatment that helps with anti-ageing.

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What is Omnilux?

In a nutshell, Omnilux is light therapy that has been used for decades in the medical world for various reasons. When it comes to the beauty world, Omnilux works by emitting different coloured lights that non-invasively penetrate the skin to treat various skin issues. My experience was with the red light which stimulates collagen production  (collagen production slows down as we get older, causing skin to lose elasticity and that youthful appearance).

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My Experience:

I am claustrophobic. I think it’s a natural inbuilt fear we humans have. When we feel like we are trapped we tend to freak out so needless to say having a big machine looming over my face like a giant sandwich press instantly brought out the “You’re probably going to die. You’re seriously about to suffocate to death. GET. OUT.” type instinctive reaction in me. I had to mentally talk myself into calmness for a quick few seconds and then brace myself for the light.

It was bright. I was warned it was going to be bright. I had my eyes completely closed under two layers of eye pads and goggles and I still felt like I was staring directly into the sun. That took roughly about one minute to get used to and then it felt like I was just laying down, getting a tan somewhere on a nice warm tropical beach (even though that’s pretty much impossible for my pasty, freckled self). I could have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the fact that I was having a conversation the entire time with Mel who also gave me a lovely hand and arm massage as the procedure was taking place. The talking really took my mind off the feeling of claustrophobia.

I laid there for twenty minutes (it felt like ten) and towards the end of the session I could feel my skin tightening up very slightly, which I was told is normal and to be expected. When it was over my skin was ever so slightly pink and went back to its normal shade on the drive home.

The next morning I woke up and my skin was plump. My eye area looked more youthful and I was very happy to see my wrinkles looked less noticeable. The biggest difference was that my lips looked freshly done. I’ve had lip fillers for a couple months now (will blog that experience soon with before and after pics) and the days when I am super hydrated my lips swell up nicely and the morning after treatment they looked like brand new lip fillers (minus the redness).

Three days afterwards, my wrinkles around my eyes look a lot better, my lips still look fuller than usual and my skin in general looks more radiant. I’m very impressed with the results of just one session, especially considering it is non-invasive and is not painful or uncomfortable at all (excluding the initial shock of light penetrating through your eyelids). I’m very seriously considering continuing to get regular sessions done!



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    Hi Nasra,
    I think they would definitely have it in London as it is a treatment that’s been around for years.

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