Medivive Super Facial

I was recently invited down to Medivive‘s East Fremantle clinic to experience one of their facials with their lovely therapist, Elizabeth. The facial wasn’t a set menu style facial and instead involved a more customised focus on what my skin needed after a thorough assessment by Elizabeth.

Since my skin is quite dry we focused on hydration and removing milia (trapped sebum) that I didn’t even realise I had. It’s funny how you can look at your own face every single day and not notice something that a stranger can pick up on straight away.

The facial was started by steaming my face first in order to loosen pores before the extraction procedure took place. Since this involved piercing the skin and then manually pushing the trapped sebum to the surface it clearly is a little uncomfortable, but totally bearable.

After this was done, I had a targeted peel performed on the skin along my jaw line because of further milia and hormonal spot issues. I’ve never had any sort of peel done before and found the burning obviously unpleasant but that was to be expected. The results were worth it though – after nearly a week of my skin peeling in that area I was left with smoother, less bumpier skin. It really helped to clear things up.

I also had the usual facial cleanse, exfoliation and massage incorporated into the session. I really liked that the facial went beyond this though and had elements of what I consider to be a more practical or functional aspect to it – the peel and extractions left me feeling like an actual change was made to my skin and I really appreciated that. Don’t get me wrong, a “normal” style of facial is always much appreciated but I have to give props to anything that’s more than a simple wash and massage.

Medivive have clinics at Cockburn and East Fremantle. You can check out their website here.




  1. sainab
    07/07/2017 / 6:47 pm

    Oh that sounds like a really good facial especially if it’s targeting what your skin actually needs. I’ve always thought about doing skin peel, and it’s so good that you got it all in one!

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