Lush Bath Time Treats

Lush Bath Bombs

My absolute favourite way to unwind from another full day of raising kids (and dealing with daily toddler tantrums) is putting the kids to bed, making damn sure they are actually sleeping and then run myself a hot bath, usually with some sort of bath specific product to add a little pampered touch to the tub (a face mask, bath oils, bath bombs, etc) while either reading a book, staring at the wall with my own thoughts for company or watching something from my laptop (usually something Real Housewives related).

Today I popped into Lush and picked up more than a few bath goodies for both myself and the kids. Of course the kids had to grab the rainbow and glittery ones. They tend to go on what looks pretty whereas I’m half about that and half focusedĀ on the scent.

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The Lush Bubble Bath Bars (front row):

  1. A French Kiss (for rosemary and lavender scented bubble bar).
  2. Sunnyside (a glittery, messy golden wonder of a bubble bar with sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils).
  3. Green Bubbleroon (a citrus scented bubble bar with bergamot and avocado).

The Lush Bath Bombs (back row):

  1. The Experimenter (a fizzy bath bomb that erupts into a show of rainbow hued bubbles that kids go gaga over).
  2. Intergalactic (another rainbow-tastic fizzy affair).

I can’t wait to slip into my next bath session with A French Kiss. It smells so perfectly floral and French! On a side note, I did go in with the intention of selecting one or two bath oils but got too distracted by the bath bombs and totally forgot. If you’ve tried their bath oils (or have any other brand recommendations) let me know because my dry skin craves anything oily. At the moment I’ve been happily dropping in a little bit of my Nuxe dry oil (gorgeously perfumed) but would love to have more options.

What are your favourite bath time treats? Do you have any pamper/wind down rituals of your own?



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