My Experience Getting Lip Fillers in Perth

I’ve always had thin lips. When I was younger they never bothered me but since turning thirty I’ve noticed my lips have lost a lot of what little natural volume they had to the point where my top lip was basically living its life as a horizontal line on my face. I would put on lipstick and see nothing. I’d speak, I’d move my mouth, I’d smile and the thin top lip would disappear even more. I don’t want to sound dramatic and say I hated it, but it did annoy me. Not to a self conscious/low self esteem level, just an annoyed “Why must I have a slit on my face instead of decent lips?!” level. I finally got to the point where I wanted to do something about it and booked an appointment to get lip fillers in Perth.

My Lip Fillers (Before & After Photo):

before and after lip fillers photos pics emervel filler perth

Red lips: Charlotte Tilbury “The Queen” / Pink lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills “Peony” lip gloss

The Look I Wanted:

I booked my lip filler appointment at Pier Street Cosmetics. We discussed my lip shape and what I wanted vs what could be achieved realistically. Thankfully we were on the same page when it came to results. I wanted only a small amount of filler in order to give me a natural look. I did not want the Instagram trend of over-the-top large lips (ala Kylie Jenner).

I’m thirty-one years old. I wanted lips that were appropriate not only for my age but for my face as well. Too many times I have seen women get lip fillers that are too big for their facial features or lips that are so blown up in size that they end up standing out for the wrong reasons. I did not want that. I didn’t want to look like a blow up doll or a clown. I wanted to look like me… with decent lips.

The Lip Filler Procedure:

(Before I start, I want you to know that this is my personal experience of it. Everyone will react differently. Everyone will achieve different results. Every doctor will give different recommendations.)

I went in for a consultation, went home and thought about it and then went back a couple weeks later for the procedure. My mouth was numbed completely with cream beforehand. Believe me when I say  I did not feel a single needle. No pain whatsoever. I did however choose to close my eyes because I hate needles (they make me queasy) and didn’t want to deal with looking at a needle coming at my face. I just closed my eyes and let the work be done.

Less than 1ml of filler was used in my top and bottom lips (Emervel was used for a more natural, softer look) and what was left over of the 1ml was placed either side of my mouth to lift up the corners of my mouth as with age they had started to droop.

After two weeks I did go back in for a touch up as one side of my bottom lip was slightly uneven. The “After” photos shown are after my touch up.

The Side Effects & Days After:

I’d read many people saying that the day after getting lip fillers is the day your lips are at their most swollen. Because of this I made sure I held an ice pack to my mouth on and off through out the initial day and the following days. I personally didn’t experience much swelling at all which surprised me as I was majorly expecting it. I also only had very minimal bruising that was easily covered up with foundation and didn’t experience any pain afterwards (Emervel contains anaesthetic to help with pain).

My lips themselves felt hard when I pressed my lips together and because of this I felt I didn’t look right when I spoke or moved my lips. They didn’t move like my lips. I had to wait just over a week for the hardness to subside and for my lips to start settling down and when that happened I felt like my lips returned to normal movement.

The Results:

It’s been about two months since I’ve had them done and I absolutely love them. I’m so glad I only got a small amount of filler because I think if I had any more they wouldn’t look natural on me. I like that they are still on the smaller side but are big enough for me to wear lipstick and actually bloody see it. They feel soft, they move normally, they still have their natural creases that make lips look real and (I feel) make me look a little bit younger than what I looked beforehand as my natural lips were too harsh on my face.

So happy I got them done! In saying that though, I definitely DO NOT want to push this procedure on anyone else. I did this purely for myself at an age where I am not easily influenced by media, celebrities or trends. I believe grown women getting this done is a completely different kettle of fish to a teenager/young woman wanting to do it purely because they see it everywhere on social media. Anything you do has to be done purely for yourself after you have thoroughly thought it through (hence me leaving two weeks between the consultation and procedure).

If you are considering getting it done my biggest tip would be to not just go to anyone to get them done. Don’t go to the cheapest place you can find. Do your research, seek out other people who have had them done, ask for recommendations, read online reviews, etc. It’s a fair amount of money and will affect the way your face looks for a significant amount of time so it pays to invest both your time and money in someone who can deliver a professional and natural looking result.

Will I get it done again? Yes. Yes. Yes. I love the natural results I got and I love that I still look like me.

Have you ever considered getting it done before? Or had them done? What was your experience like?

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