Kylie X KKW Review & Swatches

I’ve never been interested in any of the Kylie Cosmetics products before as I’m a bit of a makeup snob when it comes to packaging and I’ve always thought her lip products in general can look quite juvenile and tacky, plus the reviews of the initial launch weren’t that great. Add in the fact that Kylie Cosmetics has a very shitty no refund, no returns whatsoever policy that completely turns me off. To date I have never once returned a beauty item, even if I didn’t like it or get on well with it but to not even have the option there is totally ridiculous and automatically sends off “do not trust” alarm bells in my head. I’ve never heard of any company doing this before and quite honestly I consider it very unprofessional. You should have trust and belief in your own products enough to offer some sort of return or refund policy. It doesn’t speak much to accountability or customer service. It says to me a “Don’t like our products? Guess what, we don’t care!” sort of thing.

Nevertheless, I ended up purchasing from the latest release – the Kylie x KKW lip cremes because the formula was meant to be creamier (I’m not really into super mattes – it’s too ageing on me) and the shades were much more wearable for every day purposes.

Kylie x KKW collection swatches review

My first impressions of the Kylie Cosmetics customer service and system in general is that they were very quick to take my money but extremely slow in delivering. I placed my order on May 2nd, they were shipped on May 6th and didn’t arrive until May 22nd. I realise they must get thousands of orders at a time, but at the end of the day that isn’t my business, that is theirs and they need to be quicker in delivering the goods. That is a long wait for some lip products. My package arrived in good shape, the packaging itself is nice and more mature looking than her usual lip products. I really like that aspect of it.

The shades are all gorgeous versions of mostly peachy/pinky toned nudes (not your typical brown nudes). I find they are very wearable on my fair skin (minus Kimberly that needs the help of a lipliner underneath so it doesn’t wash out my skin tone). I find myself wearing the darker shade, Kimmie, the most.


My main issue is the formula of the Kylie x KKW lip cremes. They are patchy to varying degrees (some shades more patchy than others). It’s definitely not a sleek, opaque delivery of pigment that I expected. They also don’t last long on the lips and need to be reapplied a little too frequently for my liking. Creamy formulas in general don’t tend to last as long as mattes do, but these wore off much more quickly than I expected. Not even fifteen minutes had passed after applying these and it had disappeared.

This package, including delivery to Australia, cost me just over $80 and I have to say it’s really not worth it, especially considering the wait involved. I will continue to use these as I really do like the shades but I definitely won’t be bothering to repurchase them or anything else from her line in the future because the shipping took so bloody long and in the end the formula just isn’t worth it. I’d rather spend $50+ on one great Chanel or Tom Ford lipstick and know I’m getting a great product for my money than spend $80 on four pieces that are mediocre. It’s a case of quality over quantity for me.

A recommendation of a lip product that has a similar creamy formula that actually lasts and is not patchy at all is the Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lipstick. It’s a definite favourite of mine.

Have you purchased from Kylie Cosmetics before? What has your experience been like?



  1. 29/05/2017 / 3:26 pm

    I’d always wondered what KJ’s lippies were like. Def won’t purchase after this honest review! The colours are pretty though!

  2. 02/06/2017 / 6:55 am

    Thanks for posting an honest review! The shades look pretty enough but if they’re not long wear, I’m not interested lol! Great post x

  3. 04/06/2017 / 8:30 am

    I love an honest review! I’ve never bought anything from Kylie Cosmetics as I always hear such mixed reviews and the price + shipping and customs fees just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I never even knew about the no refunds or returns policy which just puts me off even more. The shades look pretty but if they’re patchy and not long wearing it’s not worth it!

    Ellie x

  4. 05/06/2017 / 10:05 am

    Gorgeous post Hun, I love that they are all peachy shades. It’s disappointing that they aren’t long wearing. I feel like I’d just purchase them for collection purposes.

    Toni xx

  5. 05/06/2017 / 10:15 am

    I’m really keen on trying Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick Liquid Lipsticks now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. 05/06/2017 / 11:07 am

    I’m surprised how peachy they all are. I thought there would be more plain nudes, or at least one brown nude.

  7. 05/06/2017 / 11:55 am

    I’ve really not been interested in trying Kylie Cosmetics at all – they’re way too expensive and too much of a hassle to get a hold of. I will admit, the packaging of these is gorgeous and I love the look of the shades. Too bad the formula isn’t that great!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. 05/06/2017 / 1:23 pm

    Shame that the shades don’t wear as beautifully as they look in the tubes! Haven’t used anything from the brand myself x

  9. 05/06/2017 / 8:39 pm

    The colours are nice but it doesn’t sound like it is worth it at all! That’s unfortunate..

  10. 07/06/2017 / 5:16 am

    I’ve not brought any Kylie products because I always worry they are going to be over priced and over hyped. The shades all look gorgeous but shame they probably aren’t worth the price tag!

    Stacey x

  11. 07/06/2017 / 10:37 am

    Great review, like you i hated the original packaging but I must admit this packaging is winning me over lol not smart but I’m a sucker for packaging

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