I like to live (and therefore blog) by an honesty policy. All content on my blog, unless specified, is 100% my own – my own opinions, my own thoughts, my own self-taken images and my own experiences.
At times, I am contacted by PR companies or brands/businesses in relation to their promotional products or promotional event invites. When promotional material appears in my blog I always mark the company’s website link with an asterisk (*) so you know I did not purchase it myself. If it was a promotional event I attended I will clearly state something along the lines of “I was invited to… (insert event name)“. If an asterisk does not appear next to a link it means I either purchased it with my own money/funded the experience myself.
In no way would I ever promote anything that I do not personally like or use, nor would I blog about something that does not genuinely reflect my tastes. If a sent sample is great, I will say so. If it is faulty, needs improving or doesn’t quite hit the mark, I will say so. If it straight out sucks I won’t even bother putting it on my blog.
If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked with *Sponsored Post at the end of the post content. Even in paid situations I will still be 100% honest with my opinions.
At times I have turned down promotional items, paid opportunities and event invites because they did not reflect my style, were beyond faulty, were totally against the reality of my lifestyle or did not fit in with my blog content. I strive to make my blog a true reflection of myself and my tastes so if something isn’t the right fit I won’t be trying it on for size, so to speak.
As a general rule of thumb, most posts will contain affiliate links.