Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch

The Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch is a very elegantly packaged limited edition piece that contains five Charlotte Tilbury products (two full size, three minis) and USB that plays an exclusive makeup tutorial based on the products in the clutch. As a set I’d say it is obviously a great gift to give a loved one (or even yourself), particularly if they love Charlotte Tilbury or are perhaps new to the brand and want to try out the range.

I’ve been using these on and off for the last week and while the majority of the products were instant hits, one has become a love/hate of mine…

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch Review

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch:

The products included are…

Full sized Legendary Muse eyeshadow palette:

I’m very much a creature of habit so when it comes to eyeshadow I tend to stick to nudes. I like that the included eyeshadow palette isn’t your ordinary nudey-brown set because it pushes me out of my comfort zone a tad with these green/gold/bronzed tones. They’re definitely not what I usually gravitate towards but they are subtle enough for me to use comfortably. On a side note, they’re perfect shades for summer, especially if you have a tan to your skin.

Full sized Hot Lips lipstick in Secret Salma:

I adore this dark rosy pink shade. It’s in my most reached for colour shade when it comes to lipsticks so it was instant love for me. The formula is a very comfortable creamy matte – it glides on beautifully. I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks so there are no negatives here when it comes to this product.

Mini Legendary Lashes:

This is the one product I’m currently having a love/hate relationship with. Why do I love it? Because it makes my lashes look longer and thicker without clumping in that awesome “I’m not wearing false lashes but it looks like it” way. Why do I hate it? Because every single time I have worn this mascara (which is basically every day for the last week) it has smudged both under my eye and on my eyelid after only about an hour of wearing it. It kills me! I love how it make my lashes look initially but I cannot deal with the smudging. I feel like it’s such a shame too because I genuinely adore Charlotte Tilbury’s products and had heard so many good things about this mascara to the point where it was the one product I was most excited about trying within this clutch. I will keep on using it because I do love the look it gives but once it has run out I won’t be in a rush to replace it.

Mini Legendary Lip Liner in Bitten Kiss:

A beautiful natural dark rosy lip liner that was instant love for me and one I’ve taken to wear both by itself and with lipstick. I love her lip liners – they’re always so creamy.

Mini Legendary Eye Liner in Bedroom Black:

This is a nice smudgey eyeliner if you’re into that sort of thing – I tend not to be. Admittedly I’m not much of an eyeliner person but I know a great deal of women are and will love this one. When I first applied, went out and came home to smudged panda eyes I initially blamed the eyeliner. After consequential wears however, I discovered it was the mascara issue mentioned above and not this eyeliner. I might have to continue to get out of my makeup comfort zone and play around with this product on a more regular basis.



You can purchase the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch here.





  1. 17/11/2016 / 9:19 pm

    Such a beautiful gift set – the Legendary Muse eye shadow palette is definitely on my Christmas wishlist! Loved your review, interesting about the mascara smudging because I love the Full Fat Lashes so maybe I will just stick to that one! xx

  2. 17/11/2016 / 9:39 pm

    Thanks Laura 🙂
    The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous – both the product and the packaging!
    I haven’t tried the Full Fat Lashes yet. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with that one.

  3. 21/11/2016 / 4:17 am

    oh wow this sounds amazing!! I really want to get some CT products D: xx

    • 14/02/2017 / 7:17 pm

      So pretty 🙂

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